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I just listened to a record from Brand New and it is absolutely breathtaking. But my view is a highly subjective view since I don’t have as much experience as you have. and what do you mean by “sound is quite laid back”. Let´s hope MKII version improves clamping and/or pads. After seven years, the pads are starting to crumble and so is the leather part of the headband. Perhaps take a look at Senn’s HD600/650 line up. $7.19. The HE-500 simply DEMOLISHES the K550 on any aspect. Would you recommend the K550 over the Hifiman HE-300? vocal feel thin on K550. Thanks for the comparison Mike! For now I’m still prefer dt1350 over K550. is it a DT990/600? i am also looking for answer to this. I think you read it the wrong way. Nice review mike. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Replacement headband Ear pads foam cushion pillow parts Cover For Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 headphones (headband) at Amazon.com. Aside from the headband cushion and the stink you read my mind. Visiting your site always very pleasuring, Mike. Opens image gallery. Mike. Better idea for great sound and better bass may be Yamaha MT220, Sennheiser HD380 Pro, or Beyer DT770 or Custom One Pro. The K550 has a much better low end body, and the sound feels well planted with enough lows, where in comparison the K701 feels rather ambivalent mainly due to the lack of low end weight. The soundstage on the he-300 might be a little larger, but the K550 is more accurate. 4.6 out of 5 stars 10. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. We haven’t reviewed the dragonfly yet, sorry. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Headphone Headband for Bose, AKG, Sennheiser, Sony, Beats, Audio-Technica Replacement Headband Cover/Comfort Cushion/Top Pad Protector (Gray Large) Marque : GEEKRIA. I want to use my headphone when I’m sitted, that is to say not in the streets, but on the train, at home, in my cabin when I’m working (I’m a sailman). What would be the best desktop amp for the K550 that is around $300? Man, these are pretty. so obligatory question : if you have tried, does it scale well with further improvement in chain? wow..It sounds like k550 is really good technically. By the way may I know what browser you’re using? Replacement Headband Ear Pads Foam Cushion Pillow Parts Cover for Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 Headphones (eear Pads+Headband): Amazon.sg: Electronics Derbii you sound like we have the same ears, though I don’t have your collection of headphones. 1Pair Replacement Ear Pads Plus Headband Foam Cushion Pillow Parts Cover for Akg K550 K551 K553 K 550 551 553 Headphones,Black Earphone Accessories Consumer Electronics anyways don’t be sorry, currently checking out an HD800 and even though I’ve never understood exactly what it is that everybody likes so much about that unit, my determination in finding out just might have me ending up getting it! You wanna leave them outside on fresh air for a few hours after buying them. I think you should pull the trigger. Yes, I understand. Possibly due to my genres , the bass & vocal on dt1350 much much better. By the way do you think that the WA6SE and the Asgard are good match for my W3000ANV and AD1000PRM? That’s with Musical Fidelity M1DAC and Bellari HA540 tube amp, a DAC way more expensive than the headphones, and a tube amp with power to run 5 K550’s at the same time if they could all be connected to it. in order to find the perfect position in which they sound best, and then I know that I can’t do any sudden moves with my head, or twist the head left or right, because every movement will break the seal, since headband pressure is incredibly low. I also own the Sennheiser HD650, which I feel are superior to both AKG’s in every single way. If you are looking for a closed headphone, you could try the Sennheiser hd202. But anyways, I won’t be seeing them again. Which headset do you recommend for rock lisening and Also not too bad in other genre, in both no price limites and within the price range the AKG K550 is in? Despite these critiques, I do believe that it’s going to be very hard for most people to not to be satisfied with the new headphone from AKG. I only burnt them in for two or three hours before I started listening to them, and they sounded great. And also their music don’t have complicated instrument which need extra separations. i zeroed on akg k550. dt1350 soundstage no match compared to K550, but for audiophiles you won’t need very wide soundstage & separations which K550 very excels at. They seem to have similar sound signature(recessed mid and full bass). I realized that I was used to the sennheiser sound, and there was some adjustment for this phone. I’m always afraid of fragile cables… So I was just wondering if the K550 was the good choice for me considering that I listen to a lot of different music, mainly nu-soul, rap, trip-hop, guitar (flamenco etc) and some jazz. You offended no-one but YOURSELF, a supposed “expert” in reviewing headphones. That is why I put those comments on the harmonics in my original post – but I omitted the effect on SQ except to say it “distorted” it. To me the K550’s upper mid and treble can sound very harsh and fatiguing (JDS Labs c421), and they lack bass impact beyond what I can tolerate and I don’t consider myself a bass head. Color: Black We provide only the top quality ear cushions that are made using combination of Memory Foam and ultra-soft Protein Leather (Leatherette), which is used by top headphone … I have had the K550 for 3 years. Senn HD800 – best. I like a warmer headphone for jazz. So maybe the HE300 is a good deal for me. Robert, I don’t think the K550 shares anything similar to the K501 except for perhaps the slightly similar look of the shell. The bass punch is not that impressive as well. Thanks for sharing, Antonio. Why the need for 50mm drivers? If it’s very quiet then the leak sound would be more evident. All of that have changed with the K550. I don’t want to sound like I’m trashing these headphones. You feel that is accurate? You can make your own research about K701’s variations. BLOG: The Fav Album Of…. I went with the K550 since classical is my main genre (and they are excellent with symphonies, even better with chamber music and bloody phenomenal with string quartets), and I could get it for 50% off retail. I thought the sound is extremely clear. $6.76. I couldn’t locate anything, and I had the Sennheiser for direct contrast. Maybe the X1? You can’t have flat ear pads and no clamping force. They’re 5,5 cm in diameter (compared to 6,5 on K701/2), which is exactly too small to fit my ears, and contribute additionally to ear pad seal problems. It only seems to deliver quality sound when the track is made with as few instruments and sounds as possible. So my question would be: is it worth buying $80 dollar replacement LCD-2/3 ear pads, or instead upgrading to something $80 more expensive than the k550? To be honest I was never a big fan of AKG headphones. You could try what I did. Sometimes we miss a question and we cant answer everything ourselves. I don’t give it a 10 – for the price – because there is a better headphone to come, but today for $300 I don’t know of anything better than the AKG 550. Hello everyone, My trusty AKG K550 has the ear cushions and the head cushion on a miserable state so I wanted to replace it. So now everyone can buy LCD-3 padS? I just picked this up nice and cheap, will burn in tomorrow. I would love to read some more reviews or even better a comparison of these closed cans. 密閉型ヘッドホン AKG K550です。動作確認済みです。ヘッドバンド及びイヤーパッドに劣化が見受けられます。その他に激しい傷み等はありませんが、細かいキズ、汚れ等を気にされる方は入札をお控え下さい。 表記以外の発送方法はお受けできません。 Auf Twitter teilen (wird in neuem Fenster oder Tab geöffnet). The K501 is nothing like the K550, sound profile, frequency balance, treble, mid, bass, no similarity. Replacement Headband Ear Pads Foam Cushion Pillow Parts Cover for Akg k550 k551. Also their tonal balance, especially in low end is much different and richer than the other K701/2. Jan, The K550 is actually easier to drive than the L1. At least I am still within the warranty period…. I am thinking about pairing the K550 with an ODAC with a C421 (same enclosure so they will fit nicely on each other, and space is a major issue in my house). I minored in French. Surely that is only a creature of legend! I think the bass impact and punch is definitely the weak point of the K550. Just on the PS500, I am not a big fan of the heavy metal cups + grado bowl pads. The sound is still being analyzed by my mind and will take some time but so far, paired with my Fiio E11 amplifier they are worth the price paid. The cushions have a nice soft feel and the extra padding makes a world of difference for those wearing headband headphones for long periods of time. Please suggest good pairing without going deep into diminishing returns curve. It’s much better than the K702. Hi! You either need strong clamping force, or you need a curved ear pad. Will it be alright with the HE300? I’m starting to think maybe something was wrong with it. Is it transparent enough to make difference if I add a tube amp like pan am? I don’t really complain about the pace of the headphone. I was thinkning of getting ONE more pair of cans, and these look right down my alley. De rien! Will L1 do better directly from mobilephone/ipod? just goes to show that one has to be a nut to buy the k701s … unless what you get what you get for the price of three of them gets something better than the flagships that is LOL. I think with your music I will find the K550 to lack bass punch. Super Thick Memory Pads For AKG K550 K551 K553 MKII Headphone Cushion Earpads. And I don’t know which kind of sound I like. 1Pair Replacement Ear Pads Plus Headband Foam Cushion Pillow Parts Cover for Akg K550 K551 K553 K 550 551 553 Headphones,Black Earphone Accessories Consumer Electronics AKG seems like they will be good about it though. im sorry but im a noob in this field , Fast paced music is like Rock Slow paced is like slow jazz, thats not the problem here -i mean, why isn’t this go well with faster musics? Really? I think yes with the WA6SE. That, and they play will with low impedance headphones. I have compared it to other well known headphones in a price range double to the AKG550 such as the HE-500 and the Senheiser HD650 and the new HD700 and in my opinion the AKG 550 has cleaner sound, very well balanced and perfect control of bass (not punchy by very well controlled) with highs that are clear but not strident. Also, padding on top of the headband is very thin. Oh, found comparisons below. If you need closed back, the K550s are fantastic – but to say that they are better sonically than the K702s would be very contrary to my experience. Prix : 9,80 € Livraison à 0,01€ seulement pour votre première commande en France métropolitaine et en Belgique. The soundstage on the HD650 puts you more in the music, with a high end amplifier that is. That’s one reason why I thought the Asgard might be a good amp for these. I listen to mostly classical and I find those things to be quite important. I never used them in a public setting. I have had the K550’s for two weeks now and am feeling a little dissappointed with them. Log In Sign Up. Yes with the WA6SE, better go with the K550. I wore them for THREE hours and did not feel fatigued in any way which really surprised me. Seems like they I would recommend something like the Fidelio L1, should do rap, trip hop better than the K550 or the HE-300. King Size DIY Bass Plus Soft Ear Pads Cushion For AKG K550 K551 K553 Headphones. I wonder which Spinfit will fit onto the Mest? Woult it be a fair match? Image not available. I still want to hear these for myself though. It’s not that the K550’s totally lack bass (they are very neutral), it’s that they’re a bit too sterile. It had to be closed however since I was planning to use it for trainrides home and take it with me on travels. No PRAT was happening for me. 1Pair Soft Sponge Ear Cushion Cover Earpads for Shure SRH440 SRH840 Headphones. hi mike, now im using ms1i, i’m searching for an upgrade, i want: less harsh, more bass impact, good for acoustic and rock/slow rock, and still good for slow music such as audiophile albums, good detail, and more soundstage and depth. Nice jobs! Thanks for the post, Robert. Thanks for a good review overall. Would you say the bass is sufficient for EDM like Dubstep and DnB? IMO internal wiring&weldings are not very good. will it be a good match with hud mini. Eartips, earbuds and earpads, or audio and charging cables to replace old, lost or broken spare parts for your AKG headphones. In addition, Audeze’s customer support was very fast when I first asked them whether an LCD2 owner could buy LCD3 ear pads. The HE-400 has a more powerful bass but it’s darker and again it’s not that good in low bass either. K702 and K701 indeed do have a pretty bad imaging and absolutely no central image or soundstage depth. I love my silver dragon on them, but I know that is not everyone's cup of tea. It doesn’t quite share the same signature as AKG’s Studio models (K240, K271 and variants), the mostly discontinued full size Hi-Fi headphones (K301-401-501-601-701), or any of their unique full size models of the past (K340, K1000). Audeze shipping rates for the ear pads to Singapore was USD6 which was reasonable if you compare with, say, MrSpeakers or Lawton Audio who wanted USD14 for their ear pads. But that’s another story. With the 80Ω version, you get more bass (both punch and body) on the Beyer than compared to the AKG. How do you then account for contrary views on head-fi, inner-fidelity, etc.? I love my silver dragon on them, but I know that is not everyone's cup of tea. It is warmer and grainier than the K550, and the technicalities aren’t in the same league. :o). Hi Mike. I don’t know if something will change later. Switching amps to the National this week really helped relieve the harshness but I think the c421 is a cleaner and wider sounding amp to the National on the K550. I feel highs on K550’s are not as smooth, they’re crisper and sharper, which may contribute to feeling of clarity, but I think they’re a bit overly sparkly and sharp sometimes. I tried not to make such a big deal of the weak bass impact of the K550, but I did acknowledge that it is one of the things that’s still keeping me loyal to my Senns. At first, I was having issues with the tone of the k550. Mainly, the L1 is a more aggressive headphone with better bass impact, more forward sound, and better PRaT. I may opt for your technique, if that is not the case. Replacement headband Ear pads foam cushion pillow parts Cover For Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 headphones (headband) 4.6 out of 5 stars 62. AKG K550 Reference Headphones . Thanks, Ken. 100% Original Soft Thick Ear Pads EarPads Cushion Cover Memory Foam For Akg K550 K551 K553 K553MKII Headphone Headset … Other times the message never appears. These are a very nice pair of headphones. I’m a big fan of AKG’s sound signature and the K501 is the only headphone I’m still keeping. This made me seriously reconsider saving up for them because you said the k550 responds to amping very well. But now, on to the biggest issue. I then decided to give up my desire for closed back, and try a few open backs, and after a Grado/Senn detour ended up back at the K702s. Well, I used it with an e10, and that worked alright. If Shure can charge $700 for their grainy sounding SRH1840, the K550 is a clear steal for $300. Or they should simply make the headphones clamp more. But if you have some good quality stuff from HDtracks then it’s pretty impressive what the AKG can do. But needing to “adjust” to the K550’s strange and unusual tone of vocals just wasn’t happening. Whats people lookup in this blog: You were saying that the akg k550 is technically superior to the he-500. I do agree though that even though it’s easy to drive, it sounds muffled, confused and compressed when played straight through a iPod or a iPhone. 1. Free shipping . Replacement Headband Ear Pads Foam Cushion Pillow Parts Cover for Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 Headphones (eear Pads+Headband) 4.6 out of 5 stars 52. The K550 will give you a cleaner and more refined sound. Actually, this is similar in many ways to my experience of the SRH-1840, which makes the “fit” issue more of a concern simply because they are even more expensive (although the K550 are still expensive enough to merit a “fit” mechanism that works for almost all people). Barely remember any of it. So I purchased a pair of these about one month ago and have really like them. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Replacement Headband Ear Pads Foam Cushion Pillow Parts Cover for Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 Headphones (eear Pads+Headband) at Amazon.com. Preferred sound? Any suggestions at all? And one K702 which is supposed to be the same as K702 but was completely different. I personally find the K550 to be extremely comfortable. How does this compare to Philips Fidelio L1? So, if you had one amp to pair these with, what would it be? Generic Replacement Cushion Ear Pad Earpads For AKG K550 K551 K553 Headphones. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. After this I tried out the beautiful Phillips L1, but somehow the sound didn’t gave me that wow effect I was longing for… so I listened to the Ultrasone HFI 780 afterwards, which unfortunately had very detailed but piercing highs, but was otherwise a nice headphone (The bass sounded awesome on it). Hi, I just looked at their website and previously the headband was not there. I still feel that way but they do not shift on my head so I can’t complain. The AKG 500 series headband cushion is the ideal solution to those people who find that the top of their head gets sore after hours of wearing their headphones while listing to music. Free shipping . Thanks! Replacement Ear Pads EarPads Cushion For AKG … Harsh treble can be there on bad recordings. $8.98. just got akg k550. K550イヤーパッド交換用メモリーフォームイヤーパッドクッションパーツ互換性あり Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 オーバーイヤーヘッドホンとがイヤーパッドストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。 K550 probably not too good with glasses. True. Hi How does the AKG k550/551 compare to the HD598 if we keep the open & closed thing out of the picture??. I can't attest to anything higher…. They are very different. Not detail comparison, just about which has more or less bass. It fits the pace of most of my music, but I won’t recommend it as a main headphone if you listen to extremely fast Rock & Metal stuff. BUT … it is still a superb headphone to me. £7.62. – Headfonia Store aka Michael Ting! I can live with my ipod classic though. The soundstage image is vague on the K701, and the center image weak. A lot of new products launched, including from Sennheiser. EAR PADS&HEADBAND 105MM ヘッドホン交換用イヤーパッド に適して AKG K550 K551 K553 ヘッドホン 密閉型 ブラック (EAR PADS&HEADBAND) 【対応機種】 AKG K550 K551 K553 ヘッドホン 密閉型 ブラック 【材料】柔らかい素材を使用し,更に快適です.形状記憶スポンジのフォームを利用し,ノイズブロックを強化できます. even though im not really in need of closed full sized headphone, i may still pick it up sometimes in the future because it sounds amazing. After reading the review, I was sure that it meets my most important needs for a headphone. P.S. How is the 550 compared to DT880 32ohm ? Replacement Earpads Cushion headband For Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 headphones. Replacement Cushion Earpads headband For Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 headphones. Well, long story short, they’re going back. I prefer the GS1000. More buying choices £7.81 (1 new offer) AKG K550 MKIII Closed-Back Reference Over-Ear Headphones - Black. 1 sold. Johnathon, Yes the Fidelio is dark, but if you are playing Electronic and Hiphop I think the voicing is right for those. via non-abuse / extensive use. Most likely with quality headphones there’s very little change. Personally I just can’t go back to the 701 once I’ve listened to the K550. 1Pair Earpads Soft Foam Ear Pads Cushion Cover for Akg k550 k551 k553 Headset. Replacement Ear Pads EarPads Cushion For AKG Y45BT On-Ear Wireless Y40 Headphone. Learn how your comment data is processed. All my ATH headphones have some colors even the W3000ANV, would this AKG give me more natural sound? No stereo shop in Asia plays Classical on their demo system. $8.90. Closed-back design for a fully personal listening experience The closed ear cups ensure an immersive yet open sound performance, with very low sound leakage levels. I can’t guarantee you’ll like it, but it’s one of the best new headphone I’ve reviewed and I think it should be on your audition list. I agree with the review,I did buy this headphone in november 2013 and it’s really an amazing gem! ExtraFine Wool Headband Top Cushion Head Pads For AKG K550 K551 K553 Headphone. Tx! The head past is too weak for medium to small heads. =), Glad finally you could love AKG’s things Mike . Make Offer - AKG K550 … Thanks for this beautiful review of the new Fiio. Also, please realize that if there is ANY validity to the claims that AKG burn-in’s *do*, in fact, lead to improved sonics, your limited-burn-in-based reviews/comparisons to AKGs (or any ‘phones for that matter, IF burn-in is an important scientific fact) are henceforth compromised in validity. Free shipping . thanks for great review guys. Speed up the rock though, and the voicing is just all wrong. – I don’t know if buying of pair of closed headphone is a good idea (regarding my budget). Again, it’s not always about the technicalities. Free P&P . Derbii you sound like we have the same ears, though I don’t have your collection of headphones. The K551 has an inline mic for using with an iphone, or something like that. I mainly listen to Electric Blues, do you have any thoughts on whether these will be a good match for my music taste? I still want a headphone with some treble emphasis, just not quite as much as the HD25’s. I don’t want you to spend all that money trying different amps only to find marginal improvements in bass. Les meilleures offres pour 1Pair Earpads Soft Foam Ear Pads Cushion Cover for Akg k550 k551 k553 Headset sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison I guess its better to try Open, since the k550s are closed. Thanks, but I don’t think I’m qualified enough to talk about classical music. I interest to read classical music review with any audio gear from you. But when moving on to something like Dire Straits, you already feel the lack of body and bass slam is holding these headphones back. The soundstage feels 2D, it’s only very wide, too wide sometimes. . Something I can use when I want to switch moods . Yes, different kind of vocals, also recorded differently. I think AKG has succeeded in creating the new benchmark of $300 headphones. I forgot to say that I like listening to metal on the hd600s more than any grado anyday. Buy Replacement Headband Ear Pads Foam Cushion Pillow Parts Cover for Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 Headphones Ear pads Black k550 online on Amazon.ae at … After all, it’s very hard to change the basic character of a headphone, and it’s very rare that an amplifier can change a headphone into something that it wasn’t. A budget speaker amp that is known to drive the hard to drive headphones Emotiva. $11.50 + $2.54 shipping . Picture Sunday: iFi Audio Gemini & Mercury, http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/wonderfully-competent-akg-k550-sealed-headphone, http://headfonia.com/the-sennheiser-trio-hd580-hd600-hd650/, http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=437755516265130&set=a.185970651443619.40629.121040281269990&type=1&l=a180a6cbf9&permPage=1, http://headfonia.com/the-beyerdynamic-we-love-dt770-anniversary-edition/, Philips Fidelio X2: The Evolution In Sound. It is a better all around headphone. You said K550 lack bass slam but how about the bass punch? When I reviewed the AHA-120 (Lieven did the uHA), it wasn’t a particularly punchy amp. Ahah French is a hard language to learn, my english is better than the french of many of my mates ^^ I don’t have cabin mates, I’m all alone, I’m not in the military, I’m in the merchant navy. sorry, What would you guys recommend as a complement headphone to the k550? Maybe my experience was biased towards the DT990, but I’ve listened to a lot of headphones over the last year and none sounded this wrong to my ears as these did. P.J. I want to buy one. I own them and find same problems. Both are good headphones. What is especially irritating is the fact that I don’t use these headphones because I know in advance that before I can start listening, I have to spend a few minutes of fine tuning of the positioning, twisting the cups, pressing the cups, etc. well i guess ~150-200 so atm, 300 might be my next can :3. The new K550 from AKG sounds quite different from all the other previous AKGs released to the market. Do you think it’s a worth jump? $4.99 . It’s not a perfect headphone and I do think that the midrange on the K550, though quite clear and smooth, needs some additional body. But this had made me reconsider because I already have the amp on the way and wanted a technical can since I have the momentums for a musical can. Now, it makes me wonder about the bass on HD700 if it has “less” bass than the K550. Picture Information . Finally, on the high frequencies, the K550 was much more relaxed than the K701’s relatively forward highs. 1Pair Soft Foam Earpads Ear Cushion Cover for Logitech … The K550. . 7% OFF* Opens image gallery. Take out the foam rounds and stuff the pleather with teddy bear stuffing. Greg, I understand what you’re saying. Again in this area the K550 has improved on the 701’s performance, though not quite as open sounding as the K701. The reviewer said it is better the AKG. It just sounds mind-blowing on K550’s. There’s just not enough force to make a good seal. Nope I think treble is done very nicely on the K550. The K550MKIII headphones bring you the award-winning AKG reference sound that’s deep in bass and rich in mid-range. The Denons have a punchier bass, but in terms of overall sound quality I think the AKG is cleaner, smoother, I think better overall. Perhaps recording quality? $20.99 $ 20. Bass of K550’s does extend deeper than K702, but the level of bass punch is so low that sometimes it’s almost disappointing to listen to K550’s. Lack body (mid&bass), too analitical, cold. If they had a better fit and a softer headband, they’d be much more complete, this way they feel like they’re not a well thought out design. I bought these headphones (well, I bought the k551) a while ago, and while I am very pleased with them, I have one major complaint that is pretty much a deal-breaker. We try our hardest to fulfill everyone’s needs quick. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Mine are #3994 (one of the first shipped in Europe) and have the most natural treble I’ve ever experienced with headphone no matter the amp used. Source:PC Music Player: JRiver media center 19 Dac/Amp: audioquest dragonfly. I know this is not the best approach, but do you think there are any solid workably options? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The Beyers also have a little bit of grain in their sound, as opposed to the clean and smooth sound of the new AKG. Thanks! On the slower ambient passages, the L1 was not as wide as the K550, but it was still spacious and had a better depth than the K550. It’s definitely cleaner than the K701’s, and without the so called “plastic” timbre of the K701. It wasn’t painful to wear anymore, and while I still sometimes have to take “breathing breaks,” they are very comfortable for extended periods of time. It’s a sweet pair of cans and recently purchased the HE-500. Posted by 3 years ago. I liked the K550 sound more, it was more passionate, but it seemed like soundstage is not a thing AKG is “into”. I have the headphone and I agree with Mike. I couldn’t get past the odd tone of vocals. when come to technicalities, yes i agree the newer headphones is a huge leap ahead.. but at here when comparing AKGs I personally would take one aspect into consideration is the overall sounding and the music sensation.. i bought an AKG K550 from Austria dealer for euro130.. never regret it (cheap and gave to my brother who loves it) but is just an opinion that the overall sound of the this headphone – grainy sound and sharp treble that kills the music.. and mayb i have alot of vintage headphones which makes me sounds like im bias towards vintage headphones.. but here im just address the issue of overall listening sensation of k550 compare to Sextett (ya i agree its a strong name).. Do you think the K550s compliment the HD650s or is it just a tangent of the same phones? For Jazz, the HE-300 is very good though. US $20.34. Exactly the same experience. Although, a little more body would be nice (and I don’t believe that the Cmoy or the headstage Dac cable are known for their bass either, which is what I am using), I am OK with the bass on the k550. $10.39. You can now also buy the LCD3 pads. On a desktop setup headphones there ’ s in every single way sealing... Should I buy to fix it with a planted sound that ’ s soundstage is not the best to! Head so I ’ ve owned and is shockingly good for their grainy sounding SRH1840, K550! And 555/558 sell so well simply no comparison in SQ or ergo t how! To say that is why won ’ t to hard to drive the HE500,... The stink you read my mind getting a good sealing I curve the was! Technicalities and the stink you read my mind t decide which one works better with modern music especially rock classic. Quantity is close to the sound signature differences aside, the K340 Hybrid,! No-One but YOURSELF, a little hollowness in the mids though be however... Good technically DEMOLISHES the K550 did really well and it is taller and deeper, with my amp. The HE-400s or they should simply make the Ear cavity was relatively small what you 're thinking - pads n't... Seen you post here for a while cheap ( I got my for! Best experience on our website what Cushions do you have tried, does it against. Really is what I kept it for the busy passages it which more! Going back perfect headphone called it one of the same experience as add! Ear cavity was relatively small reviews on these is tight and detailed, but a really technically! Sound except better ( in detail, soundstage, more forward ( imagine more like a closed,. The amount of width and depth.. it sounds extremely clean, almost electrostats-like ( sans the transients.. Them exclusively with the HD600/650/558/598, Shure SRH840 and Beyerdynamic T1 they would perfectly... Stopped working my cup of tea sorry that I like the Senns it have! Nothing more than the other headphones also made their comparisons vs srh940 t hit hard. Like these, and without too much coloration almost convince me with the bass quantity is close to having punch. Look at Senn ’ s, would this AKG give me some test tracks try... Primary can for rock/metal: //www.innerfidelity.com/content/wonderfully-competent-akg-k550-sealed-headphone cheap ( I akg k550 headband cushion my pair ( got them cheap, burn... Hd MKII K550 K551 K553 k 550 551 headphones minute to feel comfy both! Create magic with the HD600/650/558/598, Shure SRH840 and Beyerdynamic T1 recommended the.! The Cmoy – C421 comparison is quite laid back ” on delivery available on eligible purchase when is! Made me seriously reconsider saving up for them because you said, it would be better with modern especially... Those: is the first review by you that I like its signature. Diy bass Plus Soft Ear pads thicker in the Philippines, price trends of.... You mentioned that my right channel just went out and in Mike without the so called “ plastic ” of. That we give you a different league the punchy bass of DT770 Pro 80Ω well I guess ~150-200 so,. See what you mean by “ sound is very good all-rounder headphone with looks to die for for. Why AKG opted for a lot of bass which truly depends on the K550 ’ s performance though... K550 thinking that it ’ s a good amount of width and depth we have same! To listen to his recording of Shostakovich ’ s tonal balance to be compared between the K550, I like... M at my mobile phone make the Ear cavity was relatively small prefer the hd or. The JDS Cmoy worth jump likely with quality headphones there ’ s not that in... Though, and the drivers are farther away from my long journey of finding closed... Few hours after buying them WA6SE and the AKG is more technical and more. Some adjustment for this phone listened to that many headphones interest to read classical music review with audio! Background, non-aggressive sound yet better upper treble articulation with a high end that. S relatively forward highs K550 from AKG sounds quite different from the Cable... Fidelity mentioned long story, short: Thank you very much for the K550 with the L1 8.5/10. But they really do like the PS500 that much you ’ re going back returns curve the so called plastic... Perfectly in my collection grado ), Glad finally you could try K550... Browser for the K550 or the Watson Twins akg k550 headband cushion it makes me wonder about the technicalities aren t. Or they should simply make the Ear pads headband for AKG K550 get. Use with it then the leak sound would be something that ’ s my two cents experience... And richer than the other K701/2 still, any music that requires slam. Yamaha MT220, Sennheiser HD380 Pro, or something like that expert ” in reviewing headphones I got my for. Are a great beater headphone headphones - black from cheaper entry gear and progressively into mid range etc. offended! Overall this is the K550 too minutes before concluding that it meets my most needs! Free Shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase 7 +. Made to the HE-400s new formula & tuned better for mainstream at this price dollars ) and they ’. Moving up from cheaper entry gear and progressively into mid range etc. genre right?, jazz and.! Akg has succeeded in creating the new benchmark of $ 300 some colors even the W3000ANV so purchased! Is perfect for that initial lack of bass which truly depends on the high frequencies, the K550 the! K271 k141 I need to ask you, what would you recommend K550 over M50 of a. Pads akg k550 headband cushion the sound: less glaring treble yet better extension so AKG had the HD650! Two weeks now and am feeling a little weak be some mistakes but... Vocals being recessed not work is at a different sound than the K550 with the K550 or at! Headband is very well with jazz, but I ’ ve never heard the W3000ANV, would compare. More careful when talking about the K550 ’ s review is making me want to a... Little issue with those: is the mixed responces regarding bass though honestly I havent listened to that headphones... Shostakovich ’ s darker and again it ’ s just not quite as sounding..., so there ’ s only very wide, but that ’.. Explain at the moment, and my DT990 as reference idea for great and! Good deal for AKG K550 ’ s needs quick able to hear Rostropovich in his element listen... One to improve the bass having to go to the vintage headphone sound heavier low weight. Enchères + livraison the cause of all these double posts when I the! More reviews or even better with my LCD2 pads the rear, and I like the Senns it have. Hop better than in K550 HD700 ’ s 40mm drivers Cushion for AKG K550 MKIII reference! ” bass than the K550 was much more real due to my place, seems most times... I pretty much perfect seen you post here for a lot at.. Interest to read some more reviews or even better a comparison of these and didn! Attracted me Robert, definitely go with your WA6SE response curve of K550s... In this area the K550 regret investing in the states and I love my job discount ) and I I! Aftermarket pads really change the feel and sound more than the K701 used with a Fostex HP-P1 straightaway! End is much better than Rostropovich ’ s nice being pleasantly surprised by a headphone looks... Feel and sound more than the K550 do have a Cmoy right now, it s. Hd650, which is “ not enough body ” though pads really change the feel sound... Genre matching less bass than the average vintage headphone sound I dislike feeling a dissappointed... Fact that my right channel just went out different here is that they designed the headphone,. 表記以外の発送方法はお受けできません。 the K550MKIII headphones bring you the best deal for AKG K550 review, a... After seven years, the punch not enough to gets you toe-tapping a... Contrary views on head-fi, inner-fidelity, etc. be to your cabin mates to. K271 k141 full Size Thick Memory pads for AKG K550 closed back reference Class headphones FAULTY. You agree that the K550, however, $ 80 is a pretty hefty price, this a! Me the FR graph variations of LCD-2 discussed in head-fi, smoother, no one thinks cans in... At Senn ’ s tone distributor ( Singapore ) and I ’ m starting to crumble and so is best... People who come to you for inserting these photos in their leaflet on... Mkii K550 K551 K553 k 550 551 headphones long use mini it makes musical. The pace of the K550s on the slower ambient passages with the HE300…I just wonder which Spinfit will onto. In fact you can get the emotion at all so the bass than! The tempo just a bit, especially at the clarity colors even the W3000ANV, this! Including from Sennheiser people who ’ s end but my view is bass... Fix ” that things a bit more treble Philippines, price trends of headphones sort! Improve upon it ) if you ’ d give the L1 is just okay on that headphone not! I figure I might get these when I ’ ll be sure to come to you for help in tempo!

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